21 May

I’m so excited about this workshop that I’m taking later in the summer from Follow the White Bunny. Nicole is so talented, and I’ve been admiring her pieces for over a year now. I’m really looking forward to learning how to do shading in embroidery. Click on this link to see some of the examples. Aren’t they amazing?!  I hope I can keep up, since this is way outside of the ordinary techniques that I usually do.

I’ve also started gathering fabrics to make a simple 9-patch quilt for myself. I’m really excited to get started on it. My timeline for finishing it is by next winter, so I think I should be good. I washed/dried all my lovely fabric and trimmed off most of the little strings, so now I just need to start cutting and sewing! I told my husband it would be finished in no time, but who am I kidding? :)  I am really good at starting projects! Not great at finishing them, but you know what… I’m mostly okay with that. But this one! This one I’m going finish. It’s going to be a nice, big, square lap quilt for me to use when I read or watch TV. More details to follow, as I get started.

Here are the fabrics that I’m planning on using, divided by “low-volume” (ie. lots of white) and lots of colors. Each 9-patch square will have one low-volume print and one colorful print. I think it will look great.


  • efrompdx

    I don’t think you will have any trouble keeping up with the embroidery class. I don’t what techniques she will use, but the color theory part will most definitely not be a challenge for you. Have fun!

    And the quilt? Yay! Glad you still like quilting. What are you using for backing?

  • Robert Standefer

    You’re talented.