Still Here!

10 Feb

It’s been so long since I’ve updated this! My crafts have all changed, as is my custom. I usually complete something awesome and then move on to a new medium. I got my Christmas cross stitch completed and framed, all in time for Christmas! It’s so pretty, sitting on our mantle, I haven’t had the heart to pack it up until next December. Below is a small, crappy cell phone picture of it. Professionally framed even!


For my new hobby, I’m knitting now! I’m really enjoying it a lot. I started with a scarf, of course. Easy, back and forth, back and forth. The yarn is so pretty and soft – the colors make me think of clouds and sunsets. It’s very warm and thick and great for very cold nights when I walk the dog. I tried wearing it to work one day and got way too hot! It’s a utility scarf, not a fashion scarf I guess, but it’s very pretty.


Once I finished that, I moved on to a new scarf, one that required I pay attention to a pattern. The pattern is called Mind the Gap, by Its a tube scarf, and I really like knitting in the round. I made small progress on this, but I’ve put it on hold for now. The yarn is really thin, and it was taking way too long to see results. I will come back to this one at some point.


I’ve since gotten the bug to knit socks! I found a pattern that looks doable, it’s this sock from Winwick Mum Sockalong. I’ve gotten the ribbing and most of the leg done on the first sock. I’m a little intimidated by attempting the heel, so instead I’ve just been making the leg longer and longer, putting off the heel for now. I think I’m 65 rows in, so I’ll have to start the heel soon. Crossing that bridge when I come to it! There is a very active Facebook page for this group, the WinWick Mum Sockalong group. It’s been a great resource for me as I learn to knit a sock.


So, that’s the update! Maybe I will have a heel on my sock next time I post.

  • efrompdx

    Maybe you’ll be wearing a pair of socks next time you post!

    Your cross-stitch is fantastic. You’ll enjoy seeing that for Christmas for years and years. Love your scarves. Utility and fancy. You know that knitting projects will keep while you finish something else…

    Thanks for the update!